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Rules & How to Credit


- Credit to [personal profile] xiperita / [community profile] lifeasicon
- Livejournal credit: xiperita @ xHicons.
- I love textless icons so they are not bases.
- No editing or claiming as your own.
- Please upload them to your own server.
- Concrit and Noms are welcome.
- Comments are love!.

The Rules

OK, too much words :-P


  • Credit to [personal profile] xiperita / [community profile] lifeasicon

  • If you are going to use my icons on LJ or your site, you must credit to: xiperita or xHicons.

  • But if you are going to use my textures and other stuff credits are optional. I know I'm not the Copyright owner of the images I use for my icons, but don't make icons or graphics for money, just for fun and a little credit is fine because you can see jour work is appreciated.

  • Comments will be really appreciated and very welcome. Tell me what you think about my icons and how I can improve. Comments are Love!. My muses will be really happy ;-)

  • No editing or claiming as your own.

  • My icons usually are textless and THEY ARE NOT BASES, They are not simple resized images, I usually change their colour and it takes time to make each one. Do NOT redistribute, claim or alter.

  • Please don't hotlink, upload them to your own server or image account. Sometimes I upload my icons or graphics to my own server and its cost money. Good images storages are Photobucked or Tinypic. Thank you.

  • This point is very important: I make icons only by hobby, I don't win money with this and I won't do it so I don't have any intention to violate any right, if there are problems with this please leave me a comment or send me an email (xiperita @ livejournal.com) and I'll remove the icons or graphics immediately.

  • Concrit and noms are welcome. Let me know if you nom my icons please.

  • More Icons @ http://fnd.nacionfriki.com

  • (Si usas mis iconos: acredítame, me encantan los iconos sin texto así que NO son bases, no modificar en ningún sentido, puedes pruebar a hacerlos tu mismo/a es divertido :-), y súbelos a tu propio servidor si los usas fuera de LJ o incluso dentro de LJ (photobucket es completamente gratis) y ¡comenta!, puedes hacerlo en español :-P. Solamente así sabré si gustan o no gustan para poder mejorar. Gracias).

    How to Credit

    Go to Upload Icons, you can credit my username or my community.

    Dreamwidth: <*user name=xiperita> or <*user name=lifeasicon>(Remove *).